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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
fiscal cliff that created a scenario that led to this ridiculous idea that i voted against. let's put a bunch of bad things to happen at one time because that will force washington to do something. we have to avoid doing damage. avoid doing harm. we need to look for a way to accomplish that in the short term. and then we have to have a conversation but getting the fiscal house in order. it's fundamentally true. we spend a trillion dollars a year more than we taken. we have to address it. i approach this issue with the belief the only way with me that in order is to rapid economic order. what the president is proposing does not raise enough revenue to make a significant dent in the debt, but it will make a dent on job creation, particularly middle-class. that's why i oppose this plan. i think we should do real tax reform. there are loopholes. there's one for being able to write off your yacht as second home. let's go after things like that, but not as a revenue generating mechanism. the way is to rapid economic growth. is the only way, and then you have to hold the line on future spending. the circumstances under which you would vote for a tax increase? >> i just don't think that's
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
follow up with your last response there. given the fiscal cliff, is it possible that if the policymakers were not to agree to some sort of deal by the end of this year, and we were to go over the fiscal cliff come in the size of these asset purchases could grow in response to that. more specifically, you coined the phrase fiscal cliff. i want to get your take on whether you feel it is the most appropriate language to describe what would happen in the beginning of the year. there are some americans who may be alarmed by the language. some economists say it is. do you feel it is appropriate about the fiscal contraction of it, there is no deal. >> well, the first part of your question is -- if the economy actually ran off the fiscal cliff, our assessment, the outside forecasters all think about a very significant adverse effects on the economy and the unemployment rates. on the margin, we would try to do will be good. we would perhaps increase a bit. i would like to again be clear that we cannot offset the full impact of the fiscal cliff. it is just too big, given the tools we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2